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The Following documents are to be submitted to the school office at the time of admission.

(i)            Original Transfer Certificate (Where applicable)

(ii)           Original Birth Certificate along with a Photocopy (The original will be returned after verification)

(iii)          UID (Aadhar Card Photo Copy)

(iv)         Student have to re-register for class XI (No Additional fee is charged)

The Principal reserves the right to admit or reject any student.




(a)          25 % of the total seats reserved under RTE category are for children belonging to –

                (i) Weaker Section           (ii) Disadvantaged Groups

(b)          Admission will be granted under the basis of draws.

( c )  After declaration of admission, the parents / guardians will be issued an admission form, which is

to be submitted for final admission ( along with the required documents and two passport sized   

   Photographs of the students) in the school office before the last date, failing which the seat will

              be treated as vacant and shall be allotted to next eligible candidate.

(d)          Name and date of birth as recorded in the Nagar Nigam Certificate will be considered final.


(e)          Following documents are to be submitted along with Registration Form.


                (i) Copy of Birth Certificate issued by Nagar Nigam.

                (ii) Copy of SC/ST/OBC Certificate if applicable.

(iii) Copy of Medical certificate from Chief Medical Officer of person with disability, if applicable.

(iv) Applicant must submit his /her own Income Declaration Certificate in the Prescribed     


(v) BPL Card Holder must submit attested copy of BPL Card.


1.            All fees and dues are to be paid on or before the 10th of the scheduled month.


2.            Fees may be deposited in cash, by demand draft, payable at Jaipur in the name of S.S.G. Pareek

                Public School or through NEFT/RTGS –Beneficiary Name: S.S.G. Pareek Public Sr. Sec. School,     Pareek College Branch, A/C No. 677901018123, ӀFSC Code: ӀCӀC0006779.


3.         In the event of default a late fees of Rs. 10/- per day will be charged. Non-payment of fees for

            Two Consecutive months may call for issue of T.C. to the students.


4.         Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to appear for the examination until the school

             Fees/ dues are paid in full.



1.            Students should wear the prescribed school uniform.

2.            Students must carry their ӀD card and diary to school every day.

3.         Yearly fixture is issued to every student at the beginning of the session. Parents must

            refer to it for information relating to functions, holidays, PTM meetings and schedule for

            unit tests and examinations one.         


4.            Students are not permitted to be in possession of or using a mobile phone , Ӏ-Pad or any              electronic device within the school premises.


5.         Student must get on the relevant page in the school diary, his/ her parents signature

            and reason for being absent the day ,he/she returns to school after any period of

            absence. Leave should as far as possible, be applied for in advance.


6.         No leave will be sanctioned during examinations.


7.         No student is permitted to come to school on a Two-Wheeler unless he/she holds a

Valid Driving License and a consent letter from the parents. Such Students and the pillion rider shall be required to wear helmets. Under no circumstances they should allow any other student to drive their vehicle.


8.         The School shall not be liable for any damages/ charges on account of injuries fatal or otherwise, which may be sustained by the student at any time, while taking part in Sports/ games or any other form of activity within or outside the school premises.


9.         Students will be expected to maintain decent behavior and school decorum. They must be Punctual.


10.       In case of misconduct or misbehavior by a student, a warning will be issued. In case the student repeats the same, he/ she may be rusticated from the school. The decision of the management will be final in the above case.

  • All correspondence must bear the student Name, Class and Section.
  • Parents must keep the school office informed in writing about changes in their address and telephone numbers.
  • The Management reserves the right to alter/ amend /add or cancel any of the rules or the Fee Structure at any time which will be binding on Parents/ Guardians. The Parents will however be intimated of all such changes in advance.


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